1. What is Tintbalm?

Tintbalm is a tinted lip balm, a mix between decorative color of lipstick and moisturizing effect of lipbalm. The main function is to moisturized your lip but also adding some colors like a usual lipstick do.

2. May I know the ingredients?

Our Tintbalm made from naturals ingredients, such as, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, vitamen E, flavor oil (creme brulee, vanilla, cinnamon, bubblegum, chocolate) and food grade cosmetic pigment. They’re safe if swallowed accidentally.

3. How's the texture of the Tintbalm?

It’s glossy.

4. Which color do you have and are they suited to specific skin color?

All colors will look natural because of the cosmetic pigment not as much as the oil element.


For bold color (suit to deeper and lighter skin color):

Red Wine (bold red)

Merry Go Round (shocking pink)

Violet Love (Fuschia)


For Natural Look (suit to lighter skin color) :

Sun Kissed (bright orange)

Coral Bliss (coral pink, a little bit pink and orange)

Royal Pink (natural pink)

Noody Moody (to enhance your natural lip color)

5. Which one is the best selling color?

The most anticipated colors by our citizen are Red Wine and Merry Go Round.

6. What's the difference between Skinny and Chubby?

The differences are just on the packaging and the weight. Skinny (stick) is containts 5 gr of tintbalm and Chubby (jar) is consists of 10 gr tintbalm.

7. How much is the price of your tintbalms?

Skinny is for IDR 59.000

Chubby is for IDR 79.000

8. How long will the color last?

They will stay around 4-6 hours

9. When will the product be expired?

They’re safe until 10 months after production, you may look the expired time on the packaging.